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Why join Slingshot Health?

Fill empty slots

Fill cancellations and gaps in your schedule with revenue-generating appointments.

Acquire new patients

We bring you new patients and help you grow your business.

Set your fee

Decide the price you are willing to accept and the patients you want to see.

Get paid quickly

Receive payment in 24-48 hours of seeing a patient.

Free to join

We charge providers nothing to join and receive a small percentage per transaction.

Simple for providers.

  1. Patients make requestsRequests are matched to providers who offer those services and have open time.

  2. Providers respondYou decide which requests to accept or to counter offer at your desired fee.

  3. Receive quick paymentAfter you see a patient, we deposit the funds directly into your account in 24-48 hours.

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Slingshot Health is a simple way for you to grow your practice’s revenue.