Together with a mission to fix healthcare.

Our Story

Slingshot Health connects patients and providers in a vibrant online marketplace making quality healthcare more accessible, affordable, and transparent.

Our platform puts choice and control back into the proper hands through a free and fair exchange that matches supply with demand, resulting in reduced costs for patients and improved efficiencies for providers. Slingshot Health was founded by David Berman MD, a Board-Certified Gastroenterologist and Internist in Manhattan. Through Dr. Berman’s firsthand experiences with over three decades running a private practice, he realized there was a need for significant change within healthcare.

The underlying inspiration for Slingshot Health was to empower both the patient and the provider. However, this simple idea entails taking on the goliath of our current healthcare system, hence the birth of our brand name Slingshot and our tagline, you call the shots. This spirit of both valor and advocacy became infectious, and has become both our mission and our rallying cry for change.

We are a passionate and motivated team of software developers, marketers, and healthcare professionals on a journey to fix healthcare. We are driven by the need to remove the uncertainty and the frustration involved in receiving and giving care. We believe that by enabling greater clarity, access, and fairness in a broken system, we can help everyone not only get well, but get better.

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Our Promise

Enable stronger human connections through technology.

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Our Vision

Empower consumers and providers to have the freedom to control their healthcare.

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Our Focus

Make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and transparent.

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Quoute IconSlingshot Health makes it possible to see a great doctor without insurance at a price I can afford.Quoute Icon

Michele W, NYC
Slingshot Health Patient