How It Works.

1. Tell us your needs and location

1. Tell us your needs and location

Tell us your zip code and the service you need so we can match you with a provider in your area.

2. Name Your Price

2. Name Your Price

Tell us how much you’d like to pay. We’ll give you a suggested price to help guide you.

3. Input your availability

3. Input your availability

Tell us what date and times you’re available. With us, providers work around your schedule.

4. Enter a payment method

4. Enter a payment method

You don’t pay anything until your appointment. We just need a card on file to hold the appointment.

5. Submit your request

5. Submit your request

We’ll let you know as soon as a provider accepts or counters your request. If a provider counters, you can accept or decline the offer.

6. Go to your appointment

6. Go to your appointment

Once there’s a match, we’ll send you a confirmation with the appointment details. You pay through us, so there’s no need to pay at the doctor’s office.

Using Slingshot Health with your insurance.

Select the one that best describes your insurance coverage:

Toggle AnswerFull coverage health insurance

Fantastic, you have great health insurance that covers most of your needs! But even the best insurance policies have a limited range of services they cover, and if it’s not covered, you can save money by booking via Slingshot Health.

Toggle AnswerHigh deductible health insurance

You pay at least the first $1,300 a year for almost all services. So rather than letting your insurance company set the price you pay, lock in prices ahead of time on Slingshot Health, often for much less. And your appointment cost can usually be applied to your deductible if you fill out your insurance company’s claim form.

Toggle AnswerDental insurance

Dental insurance almost always has a low annual maximum of less than $1,500. It’ll leave you covering the bill for more significant procedures over that limit. Additionally, restorative procedures like crowns typically require you to pay a significant percentage, often up to 50% of the cost! All of these limitations often make Slingshot Health a better value for larger procedures or if you’re over your maximum.

Toggle AnswerNo health insurance

Doctors charge much higher rates to people without insurance than for those who have it. While this difference isn’t fair, you can use Slingshot Health to get rates similar to or even better than the rates offered to those with insurance. Plus you’ll know your cost beforehand and never have a surprise bill later.

Place a request.It’s risk free!

After placing a request, you can cancel it at any time. Once you’ve been matched with a provider, you can still cancel up until 1 hour before the appointment for absolutely no charge!

Place a request

Still have questions? We have answers.

You won’t pay anything until after your appointment starts. We do verify that the payment method you’ve entered is valid and that the funds are there when you place your request. So, you may see an authorization charge, but no money will be taken from your account until 1 hour after the appointment.

Yes, you can cancel your request at any time for no cost whatsoever. If you have already been matched with a provider and there is an appointment set up, you can cancel up until 1 hour of the appointment start time for absolutely no charge! We unfortunately do not accept cancellations within 1 hour of the appointment start time out of respect for our providers’ time.

We try our best to match you with a provider that is close to you based on the zip code you’ve entered, which is usually within 15-20 minutes of travel time. If you find that the doctor we’ve matched you with is too far, you can always cancel your appointment and submit a new request.

If the price you've requested isn't quite right for the healthcare provider, they can 'counter' with a price they’d like to see you for. You can either accept the counter price and book the appointment, or reject the counter. You may receive multiple counters, letting you compare costs, or wait for your original request to be accepted. Receiving or rejecting a counter request won’t cost you a cent. Once you accept a counter request, the normal appointment cancellation policy applies.

If you don’t like the provider you’re matched with, simply cancel your appointment and submit a new request. As long as this is done more than 1 hour from the start time of your appointment, you won’t be charged a cent!

We only allow top-notch providers that have been thoroughly vetted onto our platform. To make sure our providers are quality, we use a third-party platform called Atlas Certified to properly vet and evaluate our providers before they are allowed to take any requests from our valued patients.

For requests that are a fair price, we typically see providers responding within less than an hour of when the request was placed. Our team members are monitoring open requests and always do their best to make sure your request is filled as quickly as possible.

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