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Self-Care Resolutions for the New Year

Making time for yourself may already be quite challenging, but now with the new year upon us, there’s no better time to start taking better care of yourself. Here are a few easy self-care resolutions to set for 2020 new year:

Revamp Your Skin-Care Routine

For many of us, the holiday season wreaks havoc on our skin. Whether it’s related to the stress we endure while preparing for the yearly celebrations or the environmental changes that winter brings, our skin is bound to experience some changes. 

On account of this, it’s likely that you’ll experience acne or dry skin during this time. That’s why you should be extra cautious of the products you use on your skin and adjust your daily skin-care routine as needed. Although your skin regimen may be highly effective in the summer, it may not work as well for you during the winter months as skin tends to change with the seasons. Luckily, by paying mind to the needs of your skin ahead of time, you’ll be able to address your concerns more adequately and see results much faster. 

To save yourself from the hassle of trying out different drugstore skin products, consider seeking counsel from a dermatologist. Not only can they guide you in developing a skin routine, but they can also provide you with skin-care products specific for your skin concerns and type. Say, for example,  you’re a woman seeking a solution for breakouts. After examining your skin, a dermatologist will use their expertise to help you understand why it’s happening, how to stop it, and may even prescribe you with an acne treatment to include in your daily skin-care routine.

Support Your Oral Health

From baked goods to hot chocolate, there’s no denying the delicious taste of your favorite holiday treats. And while you may choose to indulge in these types of sweets, you must not forget to support your oral hygiene.

When you eat foods that contain an influx of sugars and starches, you pose a great danger to your oral health. This is because the added carbohydrates convert into acids and bacteria, which break down the enamel of your teeth and cause the development of tooth decay. 

For this reason, practicing good oral hygiene should be a top priority for you, especially once the new year officially kicks off. This should include things like brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day, and mouth washing daily.

If you tend to give in to the temptation of sweets, it’s also a good idea to book an appointment with a dentist during the holiday season or immediately after. This will help to ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned and avoid possible future issues from occurring. 

Stay Active With Exercise

Finally, remember to stay active with exercise. With winter quickly approaching, it’s common to lose motivation in your day-to-day activities. However, it’s still imperative for you to push yourself through these feelings in order to maintain your physical and mental well-being.

In addition to keeping off those holiday calories, according to studies, staying active with exercise can improve your mental health by reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and negative self-esteem. 

So in the midst of all the holiday chaos, make sure you block out time for exercise. Even if it’s only for 20 minutes a day, giving yourself this time will help you manage your health from the inside-out. 

To reap all the health benefits that exercise has to offer, try performing one of these workouts!