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6 Questions with Posture Alignment Therapist Jon Winawer

Last Friday, we dropped into Jon Winawer’s new full-time clinic in Midtown to ask him a few questions about spinal alignment therapy. Winawer specializes in the Egoscue Method of posture alignment, which can take pains, bad posture, and other bodily issues and turn them around almost instantaneously. Let’s get into the details and learn about this revolutionary method.

Q: What is the Egoscue Method?

Jon Winawer: The Egoscue Method is posture alignment therapy. We balance out the musculature in your body to improve your skeletal alignment. This helps with chronic pain and improves performance in virtually anything you want to do.

Q: How did Egoscue start?

Jon Winawer: The Egoscue Method started in the early ‘70s, founded by a man named Pete Egoscue. Pete was a Marine and took healing himself into his own hands.

Q: What conditions does Egoscue treat?

Jon Winawer: Some of the symptoms or conditions that we treat include lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain.

Q: How long does it take to see results?

Jon Winawer: With the Egoscue Method, you will see improvements in your symptom, in your function, and in your overall performance the first time that you complete the exercises.

Q: Is there anyone who should not try the Egoscue Method?

Jon Winawer: The Egoscue Method will work for just about anyone. However, if you’ve recently had surgery or sustained a major injury, you should give it a few weeks before you come in to try out the Egoscue method.

Q: Can you tell us a patient success story?

Jon Winawer: A great client story that’s a perfect example of the successes of the Egoscue Method is about a client that came in a couple of months ago. He told me that he had not been able to get down on the floor to pick up his two-year-old son. The Egoscue Method helped this client to eliminate his back pain and do all of the things that he wanted to do with his son, pain-free.

Q: What is one fun fact about you?

Jon Winawer: A little fun fact about me – I am a huge hockey fan. I’ve played ice hockey my whole life. I’m that “sicko” goaltender who tries to put their face in front of the puck, rather than dodging away from it.


Thanks to Jon for the deep-dive into posture alignment therapy. Go to the Egoscue Method site to see some of the patient success stories and learn more for yourself. The results of some simple exercises to adjust your body’s alignment can have incredible results. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check in regularly for new #TheDoctorIsIn posts on our Instagram story.


Jon’s Story

Jon holds a degree in exercise science from University of Pittsburgh and has been passionate about the worlds 
of fitness and sports his entire life. He initially found The Egoscue Method to get better as an ice hockey goaltender. After seeing how it changed his body and health, he went deeper with his interest in the method and ushered the ideologies into his work as a personal trainer and exercise physiologist. Jon has used the Egoscue Method to help all people of all ages and skill levels, including members of the United States Paralympic teams.

Follow Jon Winawer and his alignment therapy treatments on Instagram @jwinawer30 and @egoscuemethod