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6 Questions with Dentist Nathalie Gal

Another #TheDoctorIsIn has arrived! If you want to view the video version, check out the story highlights on our Instagram. This time around, we dropped into Dr. Nathalie Gal’s newly-opened office in Midtown East to ask her a few questions about general and cosmetic dentistry. As usual, we got some fantastic insights from a provider’s perspective. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the interview!


Q: How often should patients visit a dentist?

Dr. Gal: I highly recommend to come in at least twice a year for a general cleaning and a checkup.


Q: What are some common oral health problems and how can they be prevented?

Dr. Gal: A common issue that develops, especially after the age of 35, is periodontal disease. This is essentially an accumulation of bacteria below the gum line that can be prevented if you come in regularly for a dental checkup and a cleaning. The less buildup you accumulate, the lesser your chances are for gingivitis. Gingivitis is gum inflammation that can progress into something irreversible – periodontitis, inflammation of the bone occuring because the bacteria has accumulated below the gum line.


Q: What types of services are included in cosmetic dentistry?

Dr. Gal: Cosmetic procedures can involve teeth whitening, such as “Zoom!” whitening, and can also sometimes involve orthodontic treatments, such as clear aligners. Also, here we’re talking about direct bonding with regular white filling material, or it can be veneers, or crowning the teeth. It is really dependent on the case.


Q: Are there any over-the-counter products like Waterpik that you would recommend?

Dr. Gal: What is a waterpik? It is a tip that flushes away debris with high water pressure and removes all of the debris, all of the plaque, to keep your gums nice and healthy. It is something I highly recommend. I do not have anything against teeth whitening over-the-counter, however, you must be aware of the fact that it can cause tooth sensitivity and if you bleach too much, as this is essentially what you are doing when whitening your teeth, you can thin out the enamel and your teeth will become much more translucent.


Q: What is your favorite oral health tip to share?

Dr. Gal: Well, if someone is prone to tooth decay, what I always say is that bacteria thrives in acidic environments. My tip is to raise the pH levels in your oral cavity. How can you do that? Chew gum, for instance, after drinking an acidic drink, such as soda. That is a very useful tip.


Q: What is a fun thing we should know about you?

Dr. Gal: I love joking around. If you come to my office, you are going to hear some good jokes – hopefully!


Thanks for the fun, educational interview, Dr. Gal! That’s it for this week’s #TheDoctorIsIn. We’ll be back with another soon, just remember in the meantime to brush your teeth, go to the dentist twice a year, and chew gum after you drink soda. If you have any questions for providers, or want to see a specific provider featured in the blog, just reach out to us or follow us on social media.


Dr. Gal’s Story

Dr. Nathalie Gal is a top general and cosmetic dentist practicing out of her Midtown East office in NYC. She values putting care first for each and every patient, and wants to make them as comfortable as possible, while getting the highest quality treatment. Dr. Gal is fluent in French (she grew up in Paris and was born in Israel) and can offer her unique international history to any new patients in the New York area.