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Announcing Slingshot Health’s Partnership with Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care

forme and slingshot health logos on blue background with quote from Maria Trussa

We’re proud to announce that users will now be able to book appointments with quality healthcare providers in White Plains, New York! In our mission to provide our users access to the best health care providers at the most affordable prices, we have established a partnership with Formé Urgent Care and TransforméMD. This partnership is the first of many in growing our trusted provider network in other major cities across the US, so we can continue to help our users realize their best health and best life.

The services we currently offer in White Plains through Formé and TransforméMD include: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Physical Therapy, Gynecology, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Neurology, Behavioral Health, Diagnostic Testing, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics, and Rejuvenation Therapies.

For more details, please view our recent partnership announcement video with CEO of Formé Medical Center and Urgent Care, Maria Trusa, and Founder and CEO of Slingshot Health, David Berman MD.

Visit us at to book an appointment today with one of our trusted providers, and save on the care you need.

About Slingshot Health

Slingshot Health is a health tech startup that brings top healthcare providers and patients together. Patients bid on the cost of services and healthcare providers accept bids based on availability. Slingshot Health is unique in that it is a mutual marketplace putting both patients and providers back in control. Visit us at