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6 Questions with Registered Dietitian, Leah Kaufman

leah kaufman avocado toast

On this week’s edition of #TheDoctorIsIn, we stopped by registered dietitian, Leah Kaufman’s office in Flatiron Manhattan, to ask her a few questions. If you’re not familiar with #TheDoctorIsIn series, it’s a weekly Instagram Story series aired on Fridays where we ask Slingshot Health doctors and healthcare professionals your user-submitted questions. Be sure to check-in at the beginning of each week to see who we’re interviewing. DM us your questions in advance and you might see your question featured in the interview!

Leah Kaufman: My name is Leah Kaufman, I am a registered dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. I have a practice in Flatiron Manhattan and I have been working at the practice for 5 years.

Caroline: What is the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist?

Leah Kaufman: Anyone can really call themselves a nutritionist. A registered dietitian has gone through the proper schooling. They’ve also gone through a period of an internship for about a year, and have also passed a board exam.

Caroline: What does your first meal of the day look like?

Leah Kaufman: My first meal definitely has some type of a protein in it, so usually 2 hard-boiled eggs. I always add a healthy fat, like an avocado, and perhaps a whole grain like Ezekiel toast.

Caroline: What are some of the worst fad diets out there?

Leah Kaufman: One of the worst fad diets I’ve ever seen is juicing. I always recommend my patients have some type of protein and a juice is basically just full of sugar.

Caroline: What are your thoughts on some of the 2 hottest diets out there, intermittent fasting and Keto.

Leah Kaufman: The research has actually been a little inconclusive with intermittent fasting. I never recommend someone go a full day without eating. But I certainly think it’s good to have a window of 8 to 10 hours of eating and to leave some time in between your last meal and bedtime. Keto is a great way to get a high-protein diet. However having a high-fat diet isn’t necessarily the healthiest. You do want to make sure you limit your overall saturated fat.

Caroline: Is red meat really that bad for you?

Leah Kaufman: Red meat is actually a great way to get in a healthy source of protein. You do want to make sure to check out some of the leaner cuts. But I do think that having 6-8oz of red meat per week isn’t that bad.

Caroline: What is one thing you tell all of your patients?

Leah Kaufman: I do think that intuitive eating is a really important part of nutrition, so I do tell my patients not to restrict themselves too much and to make sure they do treat themselves every once in a while.

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