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Slingshot Health featured by PIX11 News

According to Gallup, the cost of healthcare is a top financial concern for Americans. Slingshot Health reduces healthcare costs by allowing patients to bid for the price of their appointment. Patients skip the wait to see a healthcare provider and get discounts because providers are looking to fill open appointment slots.

PIX11 News was granted exclusive access inside the headquarters of Slingshot Health. Check out the interview with our CEO, Dr. David Berman, below.

View the transcript below:

Dr. David Berman (Founder and CEO of Slingshot Health): I have been practicing healthcare for over 30 years. Healthcare is broken.

Ayana Harry (PIX11 Reporter): Meet Dr. Berman. He and his team have been working nonstop. They are trying to use technology to answer an age-old question. How do you deliver high-quality healthcare that is also affordable? Their answer was a Slingshot.

Dr. Berman: It brings affordability back because the patient sets their price.

Ayana Harry: PIX11 was granted exclusive access inside the headquarters of Patients log on to the site, request a medical treatment, and place a bid of how much they are willing to pay. If a doctor accepts their price – the appointment is made, no insurance needed.

Dr. Berman: On the patient side, it gives them instant access at a point where they want to enter the healthcare system.

Ayana Harry: Slingshot Health launched in Manhattan two months ago. Dr. Berman says his team carefully vets all of the doctors in their network: dentists, dermatologists, and beyond.

Dr. Berman: We cover the majority of healthcare both traditional and alternative.

Josh Weinberg (patient): I woke up one morning, and I wasn’t feeling so well.

Ayana Harry: When Josh Weinberg recently had some really bad stomach pain, he wanted to see a specialist but did not want to wait for a referral. He logged into Slingshot.

Josh Weinberg (patient): I was matched with a doctor who I was able to see the next day. 

Dr. Noah Gratch (Slingshot Health dermatologist): We have a lot of patients who may not have coverage within their network, they may have limitations because they don’t have insurance.

Ayana Harry: Dr. Noah Gratch is a board-certified dermatologist in midtown. He was one of the first doctors to sign up for Slingshot. He loves it.

Dr. Noah Gratch: They can come in and get something checked out as opposed to delaying. Picking things up early makes all the difference.

Ayana Harry: On the Slingshot platform doctors are able to counterbid if they think a patient’s offer was too low. And Josh who you just met in our story, he paid about $75 for his appointment. Live in the newsroom, Ayana Harry PIX11 News.

About Slingshot Health

Slingshot Health is a health tech startup that brings top healthcare providers and patients together. Patients bid on the cost of services and healthcare providers accept bids based on availability. Slingshot Health is unique in that it is a mutual marketplace putting both patients and providers back in control. Visit us at