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Cosmetic Dental Procedures Explained

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In the United States, one can find a large variety of dentists who are qualified to perform the cosmetic dental procedure that you may be in need of. It’s basically just a matter of doing a little research so that you can find the one that fits your specific needs and budget. In this article, I’ll touch upon some various types of available cosmetic dental procedures that are available today. You can find out more about them from online dental websites, or from your local dentist.

Dental implant procedures

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for teeth. This procedure is used to replace teeth that have been lost due to trauma, decay, wear, gum disease and other issues that can cause one to lose their natural teeth. A dental implant will replace the root of a patient’s tooth. Afterward, artificial crowns, removable dentures, and bridgework will be attached to the titanium implants, which will make up the visible part of the teeth. Between the crown and the implant, there is often an “abutment,” which is a connector. All-in-all, dental implants are considered to be far more durable than other types of tooth replacements such as bridges and dentures. In addition, they tend to feel more like a patient’s natural teeth than the aforementioned tooth replacements.

The one fear that some people have is the rusting of their metal implants. This is precisely why titanium is used rather than other types of metals.

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Other types of dental implants

While titanium or titanium alloys are used for dental implants, the dental implant surface can utilize different types of substances in order to increase its stability. Because of this, there are several different types of dental implants. However, these days, dental implants usually have either cylindrical or tronconic shapes. The tronconic shapes mimic the natural dental root shape. Bridges, crowns, etc. would then be fixed on the implant.  In some cases, a detachable prosthesis could also be attached. Needless to say, the cost that is associated with the implant will be directly tied to its materials and the type of dental prosthesis that is to be attached.

The cost of dental implants and other dental procedures

Of course, many factors are involved in the cost of cosmetic dental procedures. These factors and the related dental treatment plan that you go over with a Cosmetic Dentist can result in expenditures that range from $100 – $400 (per tooth) for whitening and bonding fillings. For whitening procedures, you’re looking at $250 – $500 altogether. Crowns can run anywhere from $1,000 – $2,500. However, for a single dental implant, you may spend $2,500 – $4000 per implant. Dentures could be an option for those that are looking for a low-cost solution, but most people regard this dental implants to be far superior to obtaining dentures.

Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding is a popular and common procedure that offers an attachment between a tooth’s filling material and the primary dentin and enamel. In this case, the result looks exactly like the original tooth and has the exact same functionality. 

This procedure is quite effective when recreating your smile, as little or no tooth reduction is required. All in all, this procedure costs less than dental crowns or porcelain veneers. With proper care, they can also last a long time.

The primary dental bonding benefits are related to their cosmetic appearance. With dental bonding, repairs can be made to a chipped tooth, broken tooth or a gap between teeth. This can also be done without having to go through the inconvenience of a long dental surgical procedure. In many cases, a Cosmetic Dentist can upgrade your smile’s appearance, with tooth bonding, in just one visit! One can also alter their dental bonding to obtain a more permanent dental cosmetic restoration at a later date. Here are some of the benefits of Dental Bonding procedures:

  • Great for developing your smile
  • Able to be altered at a later time
  • Results look natural
  • Adjacent teeth can be matched through color matching and molding
  • Material is durable and long-lasting
  • Teeth gaps can be closed
  • Broken or damage teeth can be repaired

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All-on-4 ©Dental Implants

Should you require full-mouth implants in order to replace your lost teeth, then the cost might be a major consideration. An All-on-4© Dental implant procedure can be far more cost effective since they will require fewer dental implants than you would have with more traditional procedures. The All-on-4© is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare, and it consists of 3 traits:

  • Can be as few as 4 implants placed in the jaw
  • Rear implants are angled for maximum strength
  • Can be fitted and implanted in just one day

All-on-4 ©Dental Implant Advantages

There are a number of benefits in regard to All-on-4 dental implants as opposed to regular, conventional implants and removable dentures. These can include:

  • Cheaper than conventional implant techniques that can use 8-10 implants
  • Can be used for patients who have jaw bone loss
  • Won’t fall out or slip
  • No need for them to be removed for cleaning
  • Can support bridges and crowns with a stable and comfortable design
  • Implants can be put into place on the same day as the extraction(s)
  • Recovery time and treatment are short

All-on-4 ©Dental Implant Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to these implants, which include:

  • May be a “bulky” feel that needs getting used to
  • Entire jaw may be affected by the failing of a single implant
  • Not a solution that is fully customized
  • Possible problems with hissing and spitting while speaking
  • Traditional implant results can be better

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Dental Crown Procedure

A cosmetic dentist may recommend a dental crown procedure for a couple of reasons. For instance, they may discover a particularly weak tooth that requires that it be held together – or a bridge may be necessary. Another reason could be that you have a discolored tooth and you desire a crown to boost your cosmetic appearance.

There are different types of crowns that you can choose from. These include stainless steel, resin, porcelain, ceramic, etc. However, the most common types are made from ceramic or porcelain material. There are pros and cons for each type. Therefore, you’ll want to go over the specifics regarding each of the crown materials that are available. This will allow you to decide which is best for your particular tooth.

When you are ready to obtain your dental crown procedure, the process will be split into two separate appointments.  During the first visit, the tooth will be examined to determine if it can actually support a crown. If so, then the dentist will start to file down the tooth, which will prepare it for the new crown. With a tooth that is very damaged, the cosmetic dentist may need to fill the tooth so that it can be large enough for the crown.

Once the tooth has been altered (by filling or filing) to get it to the proper shape, an impression will be made of the tooth. This impression will then be sent off to the dental lab, where the permanent crown will be constructed. While you wait for your permanent crown to be made, you will be given a temporary crown until it’s time to insert the permanent one.

When the permanent crown is ready, it will be inserted during your second visit. The new crown will be attached using a special adhesive. At first, the new crown may feel a bit odd in your mouth and will take some time to get entirely used to. After a while, though, the new crown will feel and function like a regular tooth. If you still have problems or concerns, you will want to talk to your dentist.

As you can see, many different options are available when it comes to dental procedures. Because the procedures vary in costs and types, it’s important to discuss these options with your Cosmetic Dentist. Ultimately, the utmost important thing is to ensure that you find the treatment that gives you the functionality and smile that enhances your life.

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