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Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist

I needed medical attention ASAP. Slingshot not only made it easy to request an appointment, but also made it clear to me exactly what I needed to pay before my visit. All the traditional medical options were too confusing to navigate.

Sydney L. - Brooklyn, NYC

Dental Cleaning, Dentist

I'm new to NYC and was matched with a dentist for a great price with fantastic care!

David S. - Gramercy Park, NYC

Back Adjustment, Chiropractor

This is a great way to save and avoid my annual high deductible and just pay cash.

Ketan P. - Downtown Manhattan, NYC

Scar Consultation, Plastic Surgeon

My appointment was quickly accepted and set for the next day. The plastic surgeon was amazing.

Anna P. - Upper West Side, NYC

How it works.

Name your price

Tell us your needs, availability and what you want to pay.

Providers respond

Local providers can accept or counter your request.

Lock in savings

Pay securely with our simple online checkout.

Pay in advance and enjoy lower healthcare costs and a healthier wallet!

Why it works

Even the best doctors have an average of four scheduling gaps or cancellations a day. They are willing to reduce their fees to fill these slots and take last minute appointments.

Everyone wins! Patients get savings and doctors make more money sooner.

Save money with or without insurance!

Average cost example

Save money with or without insurance!

Insurance plans are covering less and deductibles are rising. Most people won't reach their high deductibles, so they're already paying cash for their healthcare. No more surprise doctor bills with Slingshot Health. Set your own price, and pay less overall.

We're putting you back in control of your healthcare.

Cost Care Tool

We're putting you back in control of your healthcare.

Our revolutionary Cost Care Tool takes the guesswork out of healthcare costs. We give you an average price for a service and you can then negotiate how much you want to pay. Better care and smarter savings with top, local doctors is now at your fingertips.

Is What You’re Eating Making Your Eczema Worse?

Is What You’re Eating Making Your Eczema Worse?

Dealing with eczema means paying close attention to what comes in contact with your skin. But the food you're eating could be more important to your condition.

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